Review: CAP VIP Lounge Curacao

by TwoHeartsTraveling
CAP VIP Seating Room

It was surprising to see a Priority Pass lounge at an airport as small as Curacao, so we didn’t expect much. While the lounge only had basic snack and drink options, the service was excellent.

After talking with one of the managers who was very friendly, we learned that they are planning to completely renovate and expand the lounge soon. The new plans include showers and possibly sleep rooms as well!


Access is granted for Priority Pass members, or you can pay $20 USD at the door

There are various credit cards that come with Priority Pass membership, and the number of guests and costs depend on the credit card that grants you the membership.

Location & Hours

West Hall of Departures Area, opposite Gate 4

Open daily 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.


There wasn’t really a formal entrance. We were essentially in the lounge right when we walked through the first set of doors. However there was an agent at a desk to check us in and greet us.CAP VIP Lounge Curacao Review

Lounge Area

The main lounge area is fairly small with maybe 20-30 seats. You can see that when we first arrived it was completely packed! Keep reading though for where to find the second secret room that was completely unoccupied! CAP VIP Lounge CUR Seating Full

After about an hour, boarding started for a flight back to Amsterdam and everyone seemed to be on that flight. Remember Curacao is part of the “Kingdom of the Netherlands”!CAP Lounge Curacao Seats CAP VIP Seating Room

While the lounge was fairly simple, I did appreciate the tropical décor.

Lounge Decor Lounge Decor Plants

There is a desk in the center for someone attempting to get some work done. It’s not very private or quite though.Work Desk

To the right is a self-serving bar and snack counter.VIP Lounge Curacao Airport Snacks

To the left of the entrance are the restrooms and a secret, hidden second seating area. To get to this area, turn left at the entrance, walk down this long hallway and then turn right.Hallway to Second Seating Area

The second seating area was empty when we first arrived even though the main lounge area was completely full. Second Secret Seating Area

While we were waiting we had the pleasure to meet the general manager. She explained they are planning to renovate the entire lounge and expand it. They are planning to add sleep areas and showers.

Food And Beverage Selection

The food was very limited. There were no protein options. Only different cheeses, a couple bread choices and some granola and peanuts.CAP VIP Curacao Lounge Snacks Snacks Granola

The beverages were self-serving. There was wine, sparkling wine, beer, juices, and water.

CAP VIP Lounge Curacao Drinks

We even took the liberty of some self-service champagne bottle service 😉 I’m Italian so I love prosecco.Champagne VIP CAP Lounge CUR Airport

Overall Impression

This was overall a pleasant surprise for being a priority pass lounge at a small airport. We are looking forward to the renovation and expansion. Sounds like they will have a lot more to offer in the near future.


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