Review: EVA Air Business Class 777-300ER SIN-TPE

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EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Seats

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EVA Air business class is consistently ranked among the top in the world. This flight was no exception. Everything from check in at Singapore Changi Airport to disembarking in Taipei was quite exceptional. The service is top notch and the food was delicious. One thing that stood out to me in this flight review is how new and well designed the aircraft was. The 777-300ER is well known for having the 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration in business class with completely lay flat seats. However after traveling on several other 777-300ER with the same reverse herringbone configuration, I can safely say that this EVA Air 777-300ER aircraft was the best that I have reviewed so far.


While this review is similar to my other EVA Air Business Class Flight TPE-LAX in that I am reviewing an EVA Air 777-300ER in business class, there will be some differences in that it is a 5 hour regional vs a 14 hour long haul flight.


How We Booked EVA Air Business Class

This EVA business class flight from Singapore to Taipei was the second of our three flight journey back home from Bali Denpasar DPS Airport. We each used 80K United Airlines points to book business class from DPS-LAX. The actual routing was DPS-SIN, SIN-TPE and TPE-LAX. There were several different routing options, but this one allowed us to have a free 23 hour layover in Singapore and also to experience the #1 airport in the world (Singapore Changi Airport) and one of the best airport lounges in the world (Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge in Singapore). In all we had about 20 hours of flying time, three business class flights, a free Stopover in Singapore and access to several top airport lounges.. not bad for 80K points (the signup bonus earned from one credit card).


EVA Air Check In

The check in, security and boarding process at the Singapore Changi Airport was very streamline. There was no wait at the check in counter and the agents were extremely helpful in assisting us in correcting our passport mishap. We left our passports locked in the room safe in the Intercontinental Robertson Quay. They allowed us to use their phones to call the hotel, open the safe and call a taxi to bring our passports to us. We were extremely worried, but the EVA Air agents were amazing and everything worked out in the end!



The Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge in Singapore is one of the best airport lounges in the world. The design is magnificent with marble everywhere with wood and leather accents. The soft lighting creates a very calming yet royal ambiance. Singapore Airlines Lounge SeatingSingapore Airlines Lounge Decor 


As mentioned previously, the Singapore Changi Airport is the #1 airport in the world, and after traveling through I can understand why. In addition to the beautiful architecture, calming ambiance (mood lighting and soothing music), butterfly garden, 24 hour movie theaters. Singapore Changi AirportSingapore Changi Airport Louis Vuitton

Another neat feature of the Singapore Changi Airport is that the security checkpoint is actually at your gate. While there wasn’t a separate line for EVA Air business class, this seems to save time as the line is much smaller for one gate. Additionally you can keep beverage bottles with you through the majority of the airport. Singapore Changi Airport GateSingapore Changi Airport Gate SecuritySingapore Changi Airport Gate Security


Flight Space EVA Air Business Class 777

The EVA Air 777-300ER has no first class, but there are two business class cabins with 40 business class seats total. The first cabin has six rows while the second cabin has four rows, each with four seats in the 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration. One thing to note is that the color of this cabin was a lighter green than what I have seen for many of the other EVA Air 777-300ER aircraft. It felt literally brand new, so that may be something to key an eye out for in the future.EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Cabin

Our seats were 3D and 3G, which were the two center seats in the third row. The two center seats are probably best when traveling with a partner, as they are angled toward each other, but you do have to lean forward pretty far to talk to the other person! This can be welcome though when traveling alone as even the two seats offer you plenty of privacy. EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Seats

On the 777-300ER with a reverse herringbone configuration, single side seats offer the advantage of having windows and slightly more privacy as the seat is angled away from the aisle and toward the windows. EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Cabin

The EVA Air business class seat itself was very comfortable and comparable to others in the 777-300ER reverse herringbone configuration. It is an completely lay flat seat with 72 inches of pitch, 81 inches of total bed length and 26 inches of width. These completely lay flat seats are much more comfortable (especially for long haul flights) than the angled lay flat and reclining seats found in some business classes. There was plenty of room for me to stretch out with the seat reclined.

EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Seats EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Seat

The seat controls were a little hard to reach when the seat was reclined. A minor issue, but something to note nonetheless. EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Seat Controls

There was plenty of storage in EVA Air business class. The side table offered enough room to place items when not in use. EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Storage EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Storage

The  touch screen TV was large with a matte finish to prevent glare. The TV controller was the most modern that I have seen and could control the TV either by touching the remote control screen, or by using the buttons. The TV controls were also responsive which is an improvement over most aircraft as well.

EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class TV ScreenEVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Controller

The headphones by Thunder were on par with some of the best that I have used (Bose Cathay Pacific for example).

 EVA Air Business Class Headphones

The charging port made for easy access.

EVA Air 777-300ER Business Class Charging Port


EVA Air Business Class Service

The EVA Air business class service was exceptional. The flight attendants were very attentive and seemed to anticipate my needs even before I thought about it. Before takeoff, Dr. Richland would you like a blanket? While I still have ½ glass of champagne left, would you like another? Obviously the only acceptable answer is yes.


EVA Air Business Class Food and Beverage

The food was very good and again some of the best I have reviewed in business class. Even the menu looked amazing.

EVA Air Business Class MenuEVA Air Business Class Food Menu

The starter was a teriyaki salmon with pine nuts and farro salad. While I’m usually not a fan of cold salmon (other than sushi/sashimi), the quality of the salmon and flavor was amazing. EVA Air Business Class Food

For the main course I ordered the braised beef short ribs which was very tender and flavorful, comparable to what I would expect from a fine dining establishment.EVA Air Business Class Food

The dessert was an assortment of perfectly ripe fruit, brownie chocolate mousse and strawberry charlotte, all which were devoured in succession. Some business classes almost attempt to drown you in food and drink (not always a bad thing), but I appreciated that EVA Air stuck to high quality ingredients albeit smaller portions. EVA Air Business Class Dessert

The beverage menu was top notch, as expected for an EVA Air business class flight as well. 

EVA Air Business Class Wine ListEVA Air Business Class Wine List EVA Air Business Class Wine ListEVA Air Business Class Beverage MenuEVA Air Business Class Beverage Menu


Flight Review Conclusion

For this EVA Air business class flight review, I give my highest regards to EVA Air and their staff. Everything was either on par with or exceeded what other business class products offer. The food and service were both outstanding. What really stood out to me was how new and nice the aircraft felt. The inside was a lighter shade of green than other EVA Air 777-300ER, so that may be something to take note of in the future, and something I will look out for in future EVA Air flight reviews.

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