Reconsideration Calls: When/How to Make Them & Current Phone Numbers

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k so you applied for a new credit card and it went into the dreaded “pending” status, or even worse you were denied. Now what?

I personally feel it’s best to call the recon line immediately as I don’t like to wait around for things. Also I usually apply for multiple cards on the same day to merge credit pulls, so I need my cards to be approved on the same day. Check out this post on being approved for multiple cards with a single credit pull.

There are some reports of lower rate of success when calling in immediately with Chase cards, but the data is not clear at this point.

Follow these steps:

  • Come up with a reason you want the card that does not reference the sign up bonus and does reference the card’s co-branded hotel or airline, or a hotel or airline transfer point if the card earns points.
  • Call the bank’s reconsideration line (latest numbers listed below).
  • Tell the agent you “wanted to see if the bank needed any more information to process your application”. This is the best way to phrase your opening sentence, don’t be nervous, remember they want your business 🙂
  • Answer the agent’s questions truthfully.
  • Generally, be approved.
  • If not you can hang up and call back again! I’ve done this before and have turned a denial into an approval. It never hurts to try.

Some questions they may ask:

  • Has you or your business income has changed/increased?
  • Why have you applied for so many cards in a recent period of time? I get this one a lot lol.
  • Depending on the credit card company they may ask you to shift credit around to be approved. This is common with Chase and Citi.
  • They may ask you to verify your SSN, DOB, address etc. This is common when applying for multiple cards on the same day to verify the second application isn’t fraudulent.
  • Finally make sure to nonchalantly mention how you always make payments on time, have a great credit score, and love their product 😉

Was your application fully denied with no chance of approval?

  • First off don’t let it hurt your pride. We’ve all been denied for cards in the past, it happens when you play this game.
  • Take note of the reason you were denied (was it too many new accounts in a short time period, too many recent inquiries, low credit score, the dreaded 5/24 rule?)
  • Then read this post about the guide to credit card rules for major banks.
  • Come back prepared and ready for more!


The Phone Numbers

American Express

  • Personal and Business Cards: 800-567-1083, 877-399-3083, 866-314-0237

Bank of America

  • Personal Cards: 888-503-6091, 888-221-6262, 877-721-9405,
  • Business Cards: 866-695-6598, 800-481-8277, 888-663-6262


  • Personal and Business Cards: 866-408-4064


  • Personal Cards: 888-609-7805
  • Business Cards: 800-453-9719


  • Personal Cards: 800-695-5171 or 888-201-4523
  • Business Cards: 800-763-9795 or 800-645-7240

US Bank

  • Personal and Business: 800-947-1444

Wells Fargo

  • Personal and Business: 866-412-5956, 800-967-9521


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