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The Beginner’s Guide to Free Travel & Rewards

We know the sheer amount of information can be daunting, so we created this step by step guide to get you started. In this guide we will explain everything from how to sign up for loyalty programs to redeeming those points for your dream vacation!

We have been traveling the world over the past four years while still working full time in healthcare. We love our jobs and our patients, but our unforgettable travel experiences have brought the two of us closer together. We want to share our experiences to inspire you to travel the world.

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1. Loyalty Programs

First thing’s first! Before you can start redeeming for first class flights, you need to have an account to deposit those points in. Signing up for loyalty programs is completely free and takes only a few minutes of your time.

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2. Credit Score

Ever wondered what is a FICO score, or what makes up your credit score? We will also dispel myths such as “Doesn’t it look bad to have multiple credit cards?” or “Won’t my credit score tank when I start opening new accounts?”

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3. What Card to Get

This may be the most important first decision you will make! Choose wisely.

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4. Transferable Points

Transferable points from Chase, Amex, Citi or Marriott are among the most valuable points you can obtain. Learn how to earn them and redeem them for maximum value.

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5. Airline & Hotel Points

Redeeming points may be the most complicated part about travel rewards, but is the last step to those free flights.

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6. Making That First Booking!

Now it’s time to make your first booking! Keep reading and your dream trip is closer than you imagined.

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