How to Get Elite Airline Status Matched on AirBerlin (For FREE!)

by TwoHeartsTraveling
AirBerlin Gold Status

UPDATE May 22nd 2018: AirBerlin has filed for bankruptcy and the future of the airline and frequent flyer program are uncertain. They are no longer matching status, but the point of the article remains the same. Many airlines will offer you status matches or challenges allowing you to reap the benefits!


With Jess’ and my upcoming flight to Italy this November on airberlin we started thinking about the benefits that may be obtained with elite status. Here is our (great!) experience with airberlin status match and some pro tips for others wanting to do the same!

Spoiler alert we were BOTH able to get gold status off of just Jess’ Southwest companion pass! With airberlin gold status we were able to upgrade for free to the highest level economy seats (XL economy with an extra 15cm of legroom). The upgrades would have cost almost $600 otherwise! The extra legroom was especially nice on our long transatlantic flight from LAX – DUS 🙂

Status matching with airberlin is very easy (in fact its one of the easiest airlines to do so) and there is a reported high rate of success! The benefits (summarized below) are numerous and additionally since airberlin is a member of the Oneworld alliance you automatically get that level of elite status with the 13 other airlines in the alliance! How cool is that!

Steps to Get Status Matched

  1. You must have some level of elite status with another airline. Ours is with the Southwest companion pass. Jess actually has the companion pass while I am just her companion, but we were both able to get gold status on airberlin! shhh! 😉
  2. Create a topbonus account on (while not always necessary as airberlin will likely create a top bonus account for you if you do not have one, I have found it simplifies the process if you already have an account)
  3. Follow the instructions on their website by clicking here. Basically you need to email them at with your topbonus account number and a scan/photo/copy of your other valid frequent flier card.
  4. They will email you back confirming or denying your request, or asking for more info. Jessica heard back in 2 days with confirmation of her gold status. I also heard back in 2 days, but they asked for my international flight details. After the additional information they approved my request and sent me confirmation of my gold status.
  5. When approved receive your card in the mail (it takes about 3 weeks) and reap the rewards! 

AirBerlin TopBonus Levels and Benefits

Click here to check out the airberlin website that compares the benefits between Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum topbonus levels.

Summary of AirBerlin TopBonus Status Levels

Summary of AirBerlin TopBonus Status Levels

Here are some of the great benefits that we received by getting our free status match to gold status with airberlin:

Some of the additional benefits with platinum status:  (ex: I was able to get an XL economy seat with extra legroom, usually $120 one way, for free!)

As a final tip Status Matcher is a great site where you can check the requirements and success (or failures) of others!

Comment below with questions or to share success/fail stories!

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